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User Friendly

The modern world is in constant motion, and people everywhere are looking for quick and reliable ways to access accurate information. Prompt information is vital.

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Variety of Price Plans

We are open to offering the best price plans according to your request and your financial possibilities, and indeed, we offer the best services according to the chosen plan.

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Variety of Features

Starting from Call Recording, Auto Attendant, Message On Hold, and continuing with Voicemail/call forwarding, DND, Beyond Conferencing.

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We can make up the settings or we can add new features for you

Here are some important VoIP features

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Call Recording

Our system will allow the user to easily record calls and store them in an audio format that can be easily replayed later.

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Auto Attendant

You can setup a system where a caller can easily get into contact with different departments, or even a live operator.

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Beyond Conferencing

Our systems go further than just supporting conference calls, they enable users to send files, chat messages, share presentations and even desktops.

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Message On Hold

Using a professional service for recordings can make your messages stand out and deliver new business.

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Voicemail/call forwarding

The ability to convert phone messages into emails, which could be a great help to your business.

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We offer advanced DND features like the ability to transfer to another colleague who may be able to answer the call at the press of a button.

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